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What is Evntyr?

Evntyr is a service that, based on your preferences and budget, tailor picks the best travel adventures for both you and your friends. A digital and user-friendly way to plan your next trip - with others.
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More fun, less planning

The experiences you share with friends should be quality time. Therefore evntyr will handle all the practical stuff and leave you with nothing but the adventure itself. Travel planning can often be dragging and boring. With your interests and preferences Evntyr invites you and your friends to open one or more mystery boxes which contain exciting events, that you can open and vote for together.
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Far more than just low price

Want to travel on a low budget? - No problem. Supported by DSB, Evntyr always find the best price on transportation for your next trip. Through Evntyr you can book everything in just a few clicks. Find your next adventure now!
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